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Bluffhill: Fertilizers

“I am what you may call a regular REGULAR customer of the Bluffhill Farmshop. My relationship with them began when I first began my horticultural journey 5 years ago and I have not strayed from them yet. I usually purchase their Compound D, Compound C and Ammonium Nitrate as well as their seed and chemicals. Their Sales Agronomists, Munya and Tariro, have been of great help and assistance throughout the years and their advice has been timely and productive. The Sales lady, Ruth, is a breath of fresh air and is very friendly. Their location is quite accessible for me and I am able to make arrangements that are convenient for me when it comes to purchases whenever I need to. One of the seeds that I buy from them is the Tomato Mashadu and its’ performance has been so outstanding that ZBC together with Spinyard have come through to view the tomatoes.”

Mr. Svova

June 2, 2020