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Bluffhill Farmshop

“ I used to use competitor seeds, then they were discontinued and I worried about whether or not I would be able to find seeds that performed as well as they did. I then met Munya and Tariro (Agronomists) who introduced me to hybrid seeds and I have not looked back since. The seeds perform very well but Ilanga pepper is my best performer followed by the cucumbers, Boreal and Bologna. On average I harvest 20 good and non-deformed cucumbers per plant and that is better than I have received from any other cucumber variety. I am especially impressed by the customer service by the sales person at the Bluffhill Farmshop and Tendai (Agronomist) as they are very helpful, friendly and always eager to assist.

Mrs. Gumbi, Greenhouses in Greendale & Shawasha Hills: Peppers, English Cucumbers and Tomato Mashadu

June 2, 2020